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What is the best time for using essential oil?

What is the best time for using essential oil? Marson aroma essential oil suppler from indonesia
What is the best time for using essential oil?

Based on the previous article, we’ve already known if essential oils can give you a sense of peace, make you feel relax throughout a hectic day. So, what is the best time for using essential oil? We divided our best time recommendation into 3 parts.

1. While you’re doing your activity/do your obligation as usual a.k.a working. Inhale the aroma while doing your activity would prevent distress. It also can increase your concentration while you’re working. You can enjoy the waking moments of life while essential oils do their role.

2. While doing your self-care routine. In addition to their role for increase your concentration, they also can use for sake of self-care. You can enjoy self-care by doing something you like. You can diffuse essential oils while you polish your creativity up like paint, draw, sing or also dance. You also need them while you take relaxation such as take a bath, read a book, or take a nap. And the last is for spirituality. Practice yoga, meditate, exercise can be the example.

3. At the end of the day. In this case, you can diffuse them before taking a nap and guide you to feel relax and make your sleep well. It would be the key role to help you to wake up and cherish your sleep time. In other words, essential oils help you increase your sleep quality. Some explanations above can be the reason why you should make essential oil within your daily life. Lost time is never found again. It’s better to enjoy your time as well as you can, right?

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