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The beginning of essential oil

The beginning of essential oil - Marson aroma Essential oil suppler from Indonesia
The beginning of essential oil

Essential oils are the famed products to use is one way for healing lately. But, do you already know where essential oil comes from and how the beginning of essential oil’s existence is? So let us concisely explain it. Their existence has already lived for centuries. Humans are used to having known about essential oil’s science. They can identify from their smells which plants that are safe to be treated into food, and which plants are hazardous.

The essential oil was formerly used for the ritual of worshiping God or glorify the kings. They also have been used for mummy preservation. Essential oils are believed as the connector among humans with their God, able to cure various diseases and give humans long life. A history show if essential oils have been using since ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Babylonian, Greek, Indian and Roman civilizations. But of the whole, ancient Egyptians is the one of the best that processed, put away, and take the benefits of the essentials oils. They can dominate the market and sold them to the whole of the world.

The books brought by some prophets (Muhammad, Musa, Isa) talks about the benefits of essential oils and are believed as the sign of a message from God. Unfortunately, the successors of prophets thought that essential oils undermined theirs believes in God so they decided to ruin the tradition of essential oil’s utilization.

During Islamic civilization, essential oils were still being used. The prophet Muhammad used herbal plants as medicine often. It becomes a glory when Ibnu Sina (Expertise in medicine, chemistry, and mathematics) finally discovered essential oil processing techniques and made them into the scientific literature. Unfortunately, the literature was destroyed and forgotten after the crusade.

After essential oil’s history has disappeared, humans start to forget about them. It becomes severe after the existence of modern medical science and synthetic medicine. However, essential oils back again and some experts decided to develop them. It is because the city has recognized about the benefits of them and realize how the bad impact for using synthetic medicine. So nowadays essential oils already have credibility caused by the research of some expertise.

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