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Is essential oil suitable for all ages?

Is essential oil suitable for all ages? Marson Aroma Essential oil supplier from Indonesia
Is essential oil suitable for all ages?

The answer to the question above is yes. But before we step forward, there are some important things you should concern about before you use it, especially for our babies. As we know, babies are really sensitive towards something.

Unfortunately, essential oils can be the source of their sensitivity and cause of their allergies if we use them in the wrong way. So as a parent, you can follow our recommended ratios as a good start point. But here, you can easily adjust them to fit your needs. So, you can use it easily with dilute them first.

Don’t ever smear them directly without diluting them. For ages 0-1, you can start to give one drop of essential oil and balance within seven drops of carrier oil inside. Then move to ages 2-6 which you can give one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil. Reduce drops of carrier oil along with age.

For ages 7-11, you can put the same drops of carrier oil and essential oil. For each, one drops only. And the last is ages 12+ which is you don’t need to dilute with a carrier oil. The full-labeled concentration of essential oil is allowed. But to make sure that everything would be alright, you can consult a health professional. So, after reading the whole text above, would you mind using essential oil for your baby and children and get various benefits from them?

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