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Is Cajuput oil safe for baby?

How these oils may affect babies. It is crucial to note that the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians does not recommend using essential oils on babies younger than three months. However, people can dilute essential oils or pure sunflower or grape-seed oil during a baby massage. Moreover, studies show that baby massage can improve weight gain in pre-term infants, encourage development, and decrease irritability and sleep disturbances.

While it is unnecessary to use oil or cream to massage a baby, it will make the process easier by helping the parent or caregiver’s hand glide more smoothly over the skin. Do not let children or babies inhale cajuput oil. It can cause severe breathing problems. In addition, cajeput oil that is used on the face can be inhaled and cause breathing problems. Cajuput oil has primarily been established as being an antiseptic. However, older research suggests it has antibacterial qualities, making the oil beneficial for minor cuts and scratches to help prevent infection. It may also have anti-fungal and antiviral effects on the skin.

In addition, the most important thing is to not place the oil directly into the ear canal. Massage is the best way to apply it and help relieve symptoms. The best places to use them include behind the ear, all over the neck, on the ear lobe or in the outer ear canal. For further information, contact us!


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