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Do and Don’ts of Essential Oil

Do and Don’ts of Essential Oil  marson aroma essential oil supplier from Indonesia
Do and Don’ts of Essential Oil

When you intend to use something, you must notice how the product can be used safely and obey the regulation. It is also the same with essential oils. You need to know some suggestions about this product so you can feel the benefits as well. Here do and don’ts that you have to watch carefully.


1. Check the ingredients and quality Look forward to a trusted producer that can make good essential oil without anything added. Some of you may have an allergic reaction to some ingredients.

2. Throw away the older oils Don’t keep essential oils for more than 3 years. Older oils may not work as well and will irritate your skin. So kindly check your essential oils to make sure if they still can be used safely. You can take a look at their looks or smells.

3. Dilute Them Essential oil must be diluted with a carrier oil. Undiluted oils are too strong to use straight, so it’s important to mix them correctly. Take a look at the user guide well.


1. Rub them anywhere Don’t ever rub essential oil to the whole of your body. You just safely use it on the crown of your head, behind the ears, backbone, wrist, and to your temples. Please stay away from the private part like the eyes, mouth, or nose. If there are skin reactions, stop using them.

2. Don’t use it on damaged skin (irritate) This part means, do not ever give some drops of essential oil on your injured skin because it would absorb more oil and may cause an unwanted skin reaction.

3. Don’t put them in hazardous places Please stay your essential oils away from your children. Because if you’re not, your children would reach them and use it in the wrong way and cause a serious health problem.

4. Don’t overdo it More of a good thing is not always good. This is the reason why you should know how many drops of oil that you can use to avoid something dangerous. So don’t use it too much or use it too often. It also occurs in everyone who doesn’t have any allergic.

After reading the whole of them, we can concluded that there is some way for us to preventing any unwanted moments. For sake of comfortable, follow the instruction. For you, prevention is better than cure, right?

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