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Can we drink Cajuput oil?

Can we drink Cajuput oil? - Marson Aroma Essential oil supplier from Indonesia
Can we drink Cajuput oil?

Cajuput oil is used to cure colds, headaches, toothaches, and tumors, as well as release phlegm and aid in coughing (as an expectorant) and as a tonic. Some people use cajuput oil to treat scabies and fungal infections on their skin (tinea versicolor). Cajeput oil is also used to treat joint pain (rheumatism) and other ailments in commercially available antiseptic lotions, either alone or in combination with other chemicals.

Cajeput oil is used as an expectorant by some persons. Cajuput oil is used in dentistry to treat gum discomfort when a tooth is extracted or lost. Cajuput oil is safe in small amounts when added to food as a flavour, but the safety of ingesting larger amounts by mouth is uncertain. When used in medical amounts to unbroken skin, cajeput oil is probably harmless for most individuals, but it can induce allergic reactions in certain people. It has analgesic properties, which means it might help you feel less pain.

For example, an infected tooth in case of a toothache or rubbed on the forehead in case of a headache gives quick relief. In addition, it can reduce pain in joints, headaches, and muscles related to fevers and colds if ingested.

How to use it:

1) Cajuput oil is suitable for both hair and skin.However, don’t take essential oils by mouth.

2) You can apply diluted cajeput oil to a larger area of skin.Then, you can use it directly for minor wounds, scratches, and rashes. Another option is to add a few drops to an ounce of body lotion.

3) Consider diffusing the oil for aromatherapy purposes.You may find temporary relief from congestion and headaches.

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