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Can essential oil using for your food?

Can essential oil using for your food? - Marson Aroma essential oil supplier from Indonesia
Can essential oil using for your food?

Do you know if compounds in essential oils have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that take a role as natural preservatives for your food?

Essential oils can help your food increased the shelf lives and also the quality of food safety. It reveals by The Journal of Food Science at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Thus the answer for the question above is definitely yes. It would be a good news for everyone who like to give a preservatives for their food.

Actually, preservatives can be separate into 2 types, synthetic and natural. But synthetic preservatives would give a bad impact to your health if we use it often. In place of using them often, try essential oils instead. They can be safer way to used and help you increase the shelf lives.

However, there are only some variance of essential oils that you can added. There are ginger essential oil, turmeric essential , tea leaves essential, galangal essential oil, etc.

No need to worry, you can do it easily. Just need to added some drops depend on the amount of your food. For example, you need to make a steak. If you want to marinate the meat, added 2 drops of essential oil within your sauce.

It would be so easy, right? Would you like to try it at home?

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