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All about clove oil which rich in benefit

All about clove oil which rich in benefit - Marson Aroma Essential Oil Suppliers from Indonesia
All about clove oil which rich in benefit

The clove tree is known as "Syzygium aromaticum" which produced clove oil by distilling the flower buds and collected from the clove tree. And other parts of the tree may be used too such as stem and leaf. Clove trees that are native to Southeast Asia (Maluku) Indonesia nowadays can be found in other places like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Zanzibar.

Interestingly, clove trees also can grow throughout the year and we can relish the benefit from it every time. It has a strong spicy aroma and has various colors from colorless to light yellow based on which part of the tree you used as basic material. It has been used for centuries with a lot of applications. So, this is the reason why clove oil is a popular and have big amount of product that being export lately.

Clove oil has various benefits that can be used, some of them are immune system boosters, fight inflammation, improves blood circulation, fight inflammation, treats acne, and treats respiratory and digestive problems. Clove oil also has the main benefit of treats dental and gum problems. This was proven by the Department of Public Health Dentistry that does a study evaluating the ability of clove oil to slow down tooth decalcification.

Well, are you interested to try and take the benefits of clove oil after reading the explanation above?

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