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4 Way To Use Essential Oil Safely

4 Way To Use Essential Oil Safely patchouli oil essential oil indonesia marson aroma
4 Way To Use Essential Oil Safely

Before you use the essential oils, there are some tips to make your essential oils do their role as well as you need. But you should know that you can’t do the same things to them. Every essential oil has a different use. So first, you have to know well about essential oils

Learn more about the risks and do the patch-test with your new oil. This step is crucial, so you have to pay more attention. Here are the tips that we can give:

1. Apply to your skin.

The way to enjoy essential oils is to apply them to your skin. But there is only some part of your body, not the whole of them. Essential oils can be applied to the crown of your head, behind the ears, backbone, wrists, and temples. For safer use, dilute them with a carrier oil.

2. Simply inhale your essential oil.

Just need to take a few drops of the essential oil into the palm of your hands. Then, cup your hands around your nose and breathe deeply.

3. Diffuse it This is a popular way lately to enjoy your essential oils.

Just need to add 2-3 drops into your electronic diffuser, then the electronic diffuser will fill the air with the aroma and you can healing as the benefit of the oil.

4. Use in a bath.

You need to add some drops depends on your choice to your warm bath, then create relaxation with the scents. It would help you to distress throughout the hectic day.

So, which is part that can be the best way to help you out from the distress? Or would you try it all at your home?

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